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The Madison Group is a premier, EB-5 investment firm committed to providing exceptional service so that immigration and investment goals are reached in a timely and seamless fashion.  The Madison Group removes the conflict of interest usually present between regional centers and the borrower of the EB-5 funds (the development/project company).

TThe project development team is responsible for conducting exhaustive research, analysis and due diligence in order to qualify a project as a potential investment. Selection is ultimately based on a list of criteria, including the reputation of the developers, their financial standing and their commitment to creating new jobs. Most importantly, The Madison Group is in control of structuring the EB-5 loan agreements with the developers on behalf of the investors and places the security of the EB-5 investment as its top priority.

Moreover, The Madison Group is not only committed to making sure it offers the safest option for investors, but also the most seamless and efficient process. Each investor is assigned an account manager, who guides the case from start to finish and ensures its success. Account managers and their support staff work alongside the investor’s immigration attorney to make sure all forms and applications are completed on time and to the USCIS’ standards. They also serve as the first point of contact for investors, when they have any questions, requests, or require assistance with anything.

Letter From The President

After many years of leading one of EB-5’s most well-known and prominent regional centers, I set out to form a company with one simple goal in mind: to provide the safest and most transparent EB-5 journey for investors.

My experience in the industry led me to the conclusion that the foremost way to accomplish this goal and protect investors is to remove the conflict of interest so rampant in the EB-5 industry. Thus, I founded The Madison Group as an independent, “third-party” lender of EB-5 funds.

My team and I pride ourselves on our commitment to our investors and their futures. We understand that EB-5 is a life-changing endeavor, and we don’t take our role and responsibilities lightly. To date, more than 500 families have entrusted me with their immigration goals, and I’m proud to say that 100% of the cases have been successful. Together with the industry’s most reputable immigration and securities attorneys, I look forward to continuing to help families around the world.

Shalom Segelman President and CEO

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The Madison Group


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